Taking A Front-Row Seat on History

To anyone considering a competitive internship, I encourage you to always apply for those opportunities and to not doubt yourself … For every no that you receive, there is a yes you have yet to receive.

Serving the State During a Pandemic

“Looking back on the summer of 2020 many people will recall their time being spent on the couch uncertain of how to proceed with their “new normal” beyond quarantine. I had the opportunity to spend my time in the statewide decision hub lending a hand wherever possible.”

Advancing Career Exploration in Accra

“This personality/career assessment was a new idea I had proposed to my supervisor, and we hope that this addition will encourage students to make informed career decisions.”

Kenyan Hospital Provides Online Overview of Public Health

“I had many questions going into the program, especially about how much I would be able to learn through a screen. Couldn’t possibly be that much, right? I was quickly proven wrong.”

Supply Chain Bottlenecks

“Supply chain management usually goes unnoticed by the general population, but it comes to the forefront in humanitarian crises.”

Who Is to Blame for COVID-19?

Who Is to Blame for COVID-19?

“I was surprised to learn that many causes of zoonotic transmission stem mainly from habitat loss and fragmentation.”

Don’t Mess With Mother Nature: What We Can Learn From COVID-19

Don’t Mess With Mother Nature: What We Can Learn From COVID-19

      Lauren Malte is a rising junior majoring in public health at the University of Arkansas. Born and raised in the Philippines, Lauren has taken a keen interest in studying diverse cultural health perspectives and hopes to one day have a career...

Remember the Orange

Remember the Orange

Mandeep Kaur is an honors biochemistry and Spanish major at the University of Arkansas. On campus, you can spot her leading SI sessions for chemistry and conducting research about fibroblast growth factors. Also, if you were in the Honors College on the right day, you...


5 Questions: Jeanne Vockroth, Mildred’s Lane fellow

  Last summer Jeanne Vockroth, recent honors fine arts alumna and New Orleans native, found herself in the lush hills of northeastern Pennsylvania...

5 Questions: Elizabeth France, B.A. in Drama & European Studies, summa cum laude, ’06

Born in Little Rock and raised in Russellville, Honors College alumna Elizabeth France recently returned home to Arkansas with husband Brian McCue...

Local Initiatives, Global Solutions: 5 Questions with Truman Scholar Mike Norton

[singlepic id=163 w=620 h=540 float=] Senior agricultural economics and poultry science double major Mike Norton was recently named a 2012 Truman...

Portrait of an Artist, Mid-Career: 5 Questions for Jura Margulis

Pianist Jura Margulis has won international acclaim for his compellingly communicative performances, as well as for the range of his tonal palette...

Building Hope in Uganda: 5 Questions for Mary Nell Patterson

Mary Nell Patterson is a fourth-year landscape architecture student. Initially, she was a pre-nursing major, but after realizing that her fear of...






Collaboration Can Save our Cats During COVID-19

Olivia Schaap is a recent transfer student to the U of A, having graduated with honors from Northwest Arkansas Community College with her Associate of Arts degree. She was heavily involved in many clubs at NWACC, including holding office as president of the Honors...

Engineering Better Public Health

In 2019, biomedical engineering major Samia Ismail earned a coveted Truman Scholarship, awarded to the brightest students in the nation dedicated to public service. Even though she is earning an engineering degree, Samia ultimately plans to pursue a joint M.D./master...

A Keener Eye for Serendipity

Jamie Kim, an honors history, Latin American and Latino studies, and international and global studies triple major, was extremely excited about her research concerning Cuban oral history but, due to circumstances beyond her control, was unable to complete the project...

What’s In an Umbrella?

Beck Williams, an honors political science major who participated in the January 2020 Honors Passport study abroad intersession course to Peru, found himself in an unexpected dilemma when the class took him to the top of a hill on the island of Taquile in Lake...

Thesis Blues? Let Your Topic Choose You!

By: Darci WaltonSo what’s it gonna be? As a freshman (and even sophomore) the most terrifying word for me to hear was “thesis.” The idea of a thesis sounded like something fancy academics wrote by candlelight while sipping tea in an office overrun by beautifully bound...