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Designing for Cancer Survivors

              Honors apparel merchandising and product development major Hannah Lane is using her honors thesis to create fashion pieces for an oft-overlooked group: breast cancer survivors who have undergone double mastectomies and...

AKWAABA (Welcome)

James Robinson II, a senior Path scholar and honors social work major with a minor in African and African American studies, spent six weeks this summer in Accra, Ghana, exploring culture, history and landscape in an unforgettable study abroad experience that took him...

Ghost Hunting: A Story in Three Acts

Dr. Misty Bastian’s honors intersession course Ghost Hunting was an unforgettable, interdisciplinary foray into the anthropology of the otherworld. Fifteen honors students were exposed to the instruments of paranormal communication – pendulums, dowsing rods, mediums...

The Ticking of the Clock

We tiptoed into the dark room, made our circle, and stood in the calm repetition of the clock. She turned on her voice recorder and began to talk: “The spirit in this room, I will ask you a series of questions and I would like you to answer them honestly. When we are done, and we want to leave, remember that you are not allowed to leave with us, you must stay here.”