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Alexis Jimenez Valdes

Hi, I’m Alexis Jimenez Valdes, an international student from Panama. I’m a sophomore in computer engineering with a minor in mathematics. The experience of being away from home and adapting to a new country and language has been memorable. This upcoming summer I have the opportunity to study abroad (in Italy) while studying abroad (at the University of Arkansas), and I’ll dedicate part of my time abroad sharing my thoughts about this incredible adventure. I hope you enjoy my posts.


TerranceTerrance Boyd

Hey all! I’m Terrance L. Boyd, your go-to person for any and all things Path Program related! As the associate director of recruitment and retention, I have the great task of visiting with high-achieving students and planning events for the Honors College. Outside of work, I really enjoy long walks on the beach and eating my weight in paella. Since neither are readily accessible here in NWA, I dedicate a lot of time to family and friends and visiting local restaurants. Read my posts if you’re a sushi fan (and even if not)!


KristenKristen Coppola

Hey there! I’m Kristen Coppola, and I’ll be blogging during my one-year master’s program. My degree is in journalism with a second emphasis in ag communications. I’ve never touched a cow, my favorite color is grey, and my greatest adventure was leaving a town where everyone knew my name to a town 200 times its size. Maybe I’ll embark on another great adventure to some place that dwarfs this beautiful college town. But until then, Fayetteville and the Honors College, I’m all yours.



IMG_6574James Brown

Hi! I’m James Brown, and I’m the newest summer blogger for the Honors College. I’m a history and international relations major with interests inside and outside academia, from modern Greek and Turkish political culture to the evolution of blues music to the nuances of Indian food experimentation. I mainly blog about the academic components of the honors experience, but if you have any other ideas, be sure to contact me!


Young adult woman sitting on a rock with camera in hand

Kelsey Ferguson

Hi, I’m Kelsey Ferguson and I’ll be blogging for the Honors College this summer. I’m a senior economics/Spanish major with a chronic travel fever. In Arkansas, I spend my time enjoying and exploring this beautiful state that I call home. If you’ve had an adventure in Arkansas or abroad, drop me a line and I’ll take a look at your discoveries – you may be my next story!


Shelby Gill 

I’m Shelby Gill and I’ll be blogging about the Honors College during my senior year! The rest of my time is spent running from place to place to find a good scoop for the newspaper.  I’m a journalism major with a passion for sundresses, InDesign and moody photography. During the year I’m the lead designer at the Arkansas Traveler, tutor at the Quality Writing Center and a permanent resident at Arsaga’s Espresso Café (I run primarily on chai tea).

Gage_GreeningGage Greening

Hi, my name is Gage Greening and I’m a senior biomedical engineering student. I’m part of the research team in the Translational Biophotonics and Imaging Laboratory, whose goal is to detect various cancers using innovative imaging techniques. Under-graduate research has taught me the value of building upon success, and more importantly, of learning from all the unforeseen curveballs thrown my way. Join me as I conduct research and write my honors thesis!


Hannah Breshears

My name is Hannah Breshears and I’m the newest blogger for the Honors College. I’m a senior architectural studies and history major in love with international cities like Istanbul, Athens, and Rome, so my interests are literally all over the map. I’m constantly on the go, from 6 am workouts to late night poetry slams, but I’m always looking for a good story. If you’re up to something fun on campus, Drop me a line!

Young man in black pullover, in front of white wall.Nick Cerra

I am a landscape architecture student in the Fay Jones School of Architecture. This summer I am traveling to Europe to study urban form and historical landscapes. The journey will certainly develop a wealth of images (photographs and sketches in a variety of media). I hope you will enjoy sharing this adventure with me.


Woman in black t-shirt, sunglasses sits at outdoor cafe in Rome, writing.

Kendall Curlee

Hi – As the director of communications I’m charged with letting the world know how awesome the Honors College is. Got some ideas? Drop me a line! About me: I’ve worked with non-profit organizations for 17 years, and thrive in jobs where I learn something new every day. The Honors College certainly delivers on that front: I love meeting our amazing honors students and faculty and covering research and creative work across campus.

Blonde woman is photographed in front of bookshelves with mola pillow, red boxes.Carol Gattis

Hi there!  As the associate dean of the Honors College and a faculty member in Industrial Engineering, I get to do lots of fun stuff.  My favorite is to dole out the study abroad grants that help students travel to cool places to live and learn.  Interacting with honors students on a daily basis makes me love my job!   My funded engineering research involves creating programs that support student achievement and success. If I could, I’d spend all my extra time traveling the world, riding my new Harley and reading spy novels!

Blonde young man in checked shirt, dark background.

Brandt Leeds

Hey! I’m Brandt. Currently a drama major, I want to be a filmmaker and actor. I’ll be blogging from Bournemouth, England, where I’ll be studying film production. I love watching movies and telling stories; hopefully my blog will tell a great story of its own.My favorite films: Taxi DriverSynecdoche, New York,Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Breathless. Watch them if you haven’t!

Man in gray suit, red tie, sits in front of full bookshelves.

Bob McMath

Hi—As dean of the Honors College and also a professor of History I get to learn about a lot of different things.  I’m interested in history and politics, as you’ll see from my first post, and I’m interested in what honors students get excited about and how they make sense of their university experience as a whole. (If you’d like to further my education leave a comment or drop me a line.)  I’m also a grandfather (they call me Grandpop), so now I’m learning from four great children, the oldest of whom is six, about how a new generation learns.  They’ll be honors students before you know it, and we’d better get ready for them!


Bearded young man gives the "thumbs up" signal.

Joseph C. O’Neill

Hello – I’m a senior majoring in horticulture with minors in entomology and pest management. I’m currently interning in our nation’s capitol exploring topics too numerous to list.

I’ve always had a passion for exploring the relationship between people and food, and my work here in DC at CentroNia, a bilingual charter school, has taught me a lot about the importance of building that healthy relationship from a young age.

Young woman beside a sun viewer that projects sun's light onto a screen.

Amee ‘AJ’ Salois

Howdy – A native of Georgia and then Texas, I’m currently a physics and English double major here at the fabulous University of Arkansas. Now I have the pleasure of helping to keep you updated on what’s going on in the Honors College. I’ve had my own share of experiences, which I will occasionally share with you, ranging from the Andes mountains in Chile all the way to the busy streets of Washington, DC. In the future, I plan to pursue a career in astronomy and science education as well as science writing. I’m all about helping people learn new things. My favorite place to be — any mountaintop!