Colorado is With Her


Hannah Ray is a junior honors student majoring in political science, criminal justice and sociology at the University of Arkansas. Originally from Russellville, Hannah has been actively involved in many student organizations on campus, including the Associated Student Government, Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity, the Pre-Law Society, and Pi Sigma Alpha. After college, Hannah hopes to pursue a law degree and enter the legal field as a corporate attorney.

If you’re still counting on Colorado to remain a swing state in this presidential election, allow me to attempt to soften the blow of Trump’s defeat on November 8th. With Clinton ahead in almost every statewide poll, Colorado has quickly made the transition from being a swing state to leaning towards Hillary. The Real Clear Politics polling average for Colorado as of October 14 has Clinton leading the state by a margin of 7.3 points with 44.3% of the vote, while the other 37% is attributed to Trump.

Given that Colorado’s demographic is predominantly male, white, and middle-aged (35-44 years old), some might find it odd that the Democratic candidate is leading in the polls. However, I believe that these polling results reflect the deep divide within the Grand Old Party (GOP). Due to the recent leak of a video where Trump was seemingly bragging about sexually assaulting women, leaders of the Republican Party have been dropping their endorsements in record magnitude, including several of Colorado’s own GOP leaders. Darryl Glenn, a candidate in Colorado’s upcoming U.S. Senate elections, has suspended his Trump endorsement until Trump agrees to sit down with Glenn to express the true intentions of his heart. To make matters worse, both Colorado Republican Representatives Mike Coffman and Cory Gardner have expressed their desires for Trump to step down from the candidacy. These public statements of opposition encourage the Democratic Party and the Republican Party to unite against Trump, which is why the rising success of Hillary Clinton in Colorado comes as no surprise.

Prediction: If that wasn’t enough to predict Hillary’s Colorado victory with certainty, Nate Silver is sure to add salt to the wounds of avid Trump supporters. According to FiveThirtyEight, the chance of Hillary Clinton winning Colorado’s nine electoral votes has reached an astonishing 85.2% as of October 14. Silver already had Clinton as the favorite to win Colorado coming into October, but her chances have increased since the release of the 2005 Trump tape. While this presidential election has proven to be extremely messy and unpredictable, this trend of the electoral map shifting toward Hillary is going to become more and more prevalent as the days count down to Election Day.

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