5 Minute Film Fest!


Pull out your cameras and get creative! Then join in and watch films with your friends at the first ever Honors College 5 Minute Film Fest!

The festival will celebrate the best, the worst – truly all of the films made by UA Honors College students.  We welcome videos of any kind, including commercials, romances, action plots, parodies, music videos, claymation, infomercials, scary films. If you and your friends are willing to put on a show and film it, we’ll take it!*  You can submit as many films as you want.  Winners will receive awards and all judging will be based on audience votes.

The festival will be held in the auditorium in the honors wing of Ozark Hall on Wednesday, April 29, at 6:05pm.  Even if you don’t submit, come watch your friends’ films and cheer them on!  We’ll see you there! (And if any time along the way you wan to know more about the rules, check out honorsblog.uark.edu, or use this link to see our post!)

CotMB High-Res 4

Still Image from John Irwin’s film “Children of the Mother Beaver,” which he filmed while in the Honors College!

Here are the guidelines for submissions:

  • The film can be no longer than five minutes including the title and end credits.
  • The film cannot contain obscene or inappropriate pictures, gestures, statements, or language.
  • A form must be completed for each entry and each film must be submitted to dropbox using the instructions below.
  • The film and form must be submitted by Monday, April 27.

To submit your video:

  1. Once the film is completed, fill out the submission form here.
  2. Once the form is completed, go to http://dropboxit.uark.edu.
  3. Log in using your UARK username and password.
  4. Click Transfer files.
  5. In the Subject box, type 5 Minute Film Festival Film Submission
  6. In the Recipients box, type ls006@uark.edu.
  7. Click upload files.
  8. Upload your video (Make sure your video is titled with the title you use in this form.)
  9. Click Review and send.
  10. Send your video.
CotMB High-Res 3

Still Image from John Irwin’s film “Children of the Mother Beaver,” which he filmed while in the Honors College!

If you have any questions, contact ls006@uark.edu.

*Content should not break any of the codes of conduct in the University of Arkansas student handbook. Read more here.

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