Advice: Ants!

small black ant on sheetrocked wall.

Don’t know about you, but we’ve been inundated by sugar ants this year.  I called our resident ant expert, honors horticulture major Joe O’Neill, for advice. In particular, I wanted to know if there’s a kinder, gentler way to persuade the ants to relocate outdoors.


“This year, a lot of people have ants – the rainy weather forced them to move inside,” Joe said when I reached him.  To get rid of them you have to bait and spray. “In the clash of nature and man, sometimes there’re casualties,” he added.

Joe’s recommendations for ant-free living:

1. Clean your house well, especially the kitchen.  Don’t leave food out on the counters!

2. If you compost, keep it outside.

3. The small, coin-sized traps loaded with ant poison work well.  Ants gnosh a bit of it and take it back to their colony.  Over time, you’ll see less of them.

For the more adventurous, you can follow Joe’s lead and keep chickens; they consider ants a tasty snack.

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