Panoramic shot of Roman Coliseum.

The Roman Coliseum.

My feet hurt! The sun is hot, and I feel like a tourist. For the previous 5 days we toured practically all of ancient and middle age Rome. Many, many unbelievable sites all inundated by tour groups and Germans on holiday.

Young man on his back on cobbled street.

Roman nightlife (breakdancers showing off in the Plaza Santa Maria, Trastavere).

I am glad to be starting work. My studio is in a former palace located in the historic center of Rome. The project underway deals with a section of the Roman wall and the difficult task of integrating the historic structure into the urban fabric.

The edge of one of the figures in the fountain is shown silhouetted against night sky.

Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain in the Piazza Navona.

Rome is a city built upon cites of the past, and sensitivity to previous eras is a must in designing for the present. That being said, creating public space in an environment with existing structures pre-dating the Christian calendar presents challenges unlike any experienced in the U.S.A.. In the U.S., public space design can take on the dual task of imbibing an area with a cultural identity, however, designing in Rome means discovering and celebrating the identities that connect people to the past.

Ciao, Bravissimo!


P.S. see my facebook “Rome” album for photos of classic sites and Roman culture

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  1. kcurlee says:

    Hey Nick,

    Your project sounds really interesting – will the wall section be incorporated into some sort of park?

    Thanks for blogging!


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