Postcard from Nice: Prof. Magda El-Shenawee

Magda El-Shenawee with her host, Christian Pichot, head of LEAT at the University of Nice-Antipolise.

I am on sabbatical this semester visiting the University of Nice-Antipolise at Nice, France. Nice is located on the Mediterranean sea in the of south France, very close to the border with Italy in that region. Some of my research during this visit will be on antennas for wireless communication. In this photo, I am with my host Prof. Christian Pichot, the head of LEAT at the University of Nice-Antipolise. LEAT is an antenna lab for design, fabrication and measurements. This photo was taken at Telecom France R &D lab, located at 500 meters above sea level. The lab was an old fort as you can see from the building in the background.

aerial view of the port.

From the window in the conference room in the Telecom France lab, we can see Monte Carlo city on the left side and Monaco state on the right side of the picture at left. Both photos at left and below were taken at 500 m above sea level. At noon, we were able to clearly see Corsica on the other side of the sea.

Another aerial view.

Photo of Antibes Harbor

I rented a small place in a town called Antibes, located on the Mediterranean sea, about a 20 minute drive from downtown Nice. Antibes has a harbor where I took this photo of an old fort on top of a hill called (translated) Square Fort as it has a square cross section. It is open for public to visit, I did not have a chance to do so but will soon.


Woman stands in front of a very grand yacht.

Here I am at the Antibes harbor where many boats of billionaires are docked (as I was told). It was sunny and warm day at Nice.


photo of town square with church in background.

Like many towns in France, Antibes has a center with old buildings, churches, restaurants, cafés, etc. where people walk and eat. This is one scene of the old Antibes. The people of southern France are very friendly, have a sense of humor, and like to eat a good lunch ending with coffee and a piece of chocolate. From what I have seen so far, Nice is a very beautiful and attractive city. Winter is mild and you can get by with a sweater or light coat, especially during the day. I have seen lots of orange and lemon trees everywhere, even in the square of Antibes Center! Orange is the name of France’s wireless company, similar to AT & T in the U.S.

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