Student connects red rods (Zome components).

Sierra Haury, an Honors College sophomore majoring in math, works on the model.

On campus today, students and professors have the perfect excuse to play with toys and call it work.

Chaim Goodman-Strauss, chair of the math department and an Honors College faculty member, is leading an effort to build the largest omnitruncated dodecaplex model ever created.  Constructed from 21,360 pieces of Zometool, a specialized system for creating models (think tinker toys for mathematicians and scientists), the finished model will be roughly the size of the Peace Fountain on the Fayetteville Square.

The intrepid band of Zome builders plans to suspend this Very Large model in the spiral staircase on the east end of Mullins Library . . . more photos to come.

pile of red stix attached to white balls.

Step one.

red, yellow and blue sticks are joined by white balls.

More assembly required.

The finished model is suspended in stairwell of spiral stair in Mullins library.

The finished model.

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