Welcome to the Honors College School of Witchcraft & Wizardry


Honours College School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Tournament
Sunday, Feb. 15, 6 – 7:30 p.m.
Ozark Hall 026: Auditorium below Honors Wing

Dear Honours College Students,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to the Honours College School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Tournament. In teams of up to four people, you will compete against other honours students to claim the title Tournament Champions. The teams that acquire the most points will win magical prizes. Your team will also compete for your house; the house with the most accumulated points will win the House Cup! Please find enclosed a list of all necessary information.

The tournament shall be held February 15. We await your owl and RSVP by no later than February 12.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall
Deputy Headmistress Continue reading

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5 Minute Film Fest!


Pull out your cameras and get creative! Then join in and watch films with your friends at the first ever Honors College 5 Minute Film Fest!

The festival will celebrate the best, the worst – truly all of the films made by UA Honors College students.  We welcome videos of any kind, including commercials, romances, action plots, parodies, music videos, claymation, infomercials, scary films. If you and your friends are willing to put on a show and film it, we’ll take it!*  You can submit as many films as you want.  Winners will receive awards and all judging will be based on audience votes.

The festival will be held in the auditorium in the honors wing of Ozark Hall on Wednesday, April 29, at 6:05pm.  Even if you don’t submit, come watch your friends’ films and cheer them on!  We’ll see you there! (And if any time along the way you wan to know more about the rules, check out honorsblog.uark.edu, or use this link to see our post!)

CotMB High-Res 4

Still Image from John Irwin’s film “Children of the Mother Beaver,” which he filmed while in the Honors College!

Here are the guidelines for submissions:

  • The film can be no longer than five minutes including the title and end credits.
  • The film cannot contain obscene or inappropriate pictures, gestures, statements, or language.
  • A form must be completed for each entry and each film must be submitted to dropbox using the instructions below.
  • The film and form must be submitted by Monday, April 27.

To submit your video:

  1. Once the film is completed, fill out the submission form here.
  2. Once the form is completed, go to http://dropboxit.uark.edu.
  3. Log in using your UARK username and password.
  4. Click Transfer files.
  5. In the Subject box, type 5 Minute Film Festival Film Submission
  6. In the Recipients box, type ls006@uark.edu.
  7. Click upload files.
  8. Upload your video (Make sure your video is titled with the title you use in this form.)
  9. Click Review and send.
  10. Send your video.
CotMB High-Res 3

Still Image from John Irwin’s film “Children of the Mother Beaver,” which he filmed while in the Honors College!

If you have any questions, contact ls006@uark.edu.

*Content should not break any of the codes of conduct in the University of Arkansas student handbook. Read more here.

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Confronting Stereotypes in Dubai

My classmates and I with our hosts in Oman - web

My classmates and I with our hosts in Oman

Junior Zach Schwermann has majors in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies and has tacked on two minors as well – Arabic and International Business. So it makes sense that he would be drawn to the Intensive Arabic Language Seminar in the United Arab Emirates. Along with a better knowledge of speaking Arabic, Zach learned a lot about the culture of the Middle East, including how U.S. food chains adapt to meet Islamic dietary restrictions and how Muslims celebrate their holy days. 

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Postcard from England: Zoe Rom

High Tea at Kensington Palace-web

High Tea at Kensington Palace


Junior English major and French minor Zoe Rom traveled to England last summer to study with the Medieval England faculty-led program with Dr. William Quinn. In addition to visiting England’s storied Gothic cathedrals and world class museums, Zoe also experienced the centuries-old mystery plays enacted on the streets of York, paid her respects at Jane Austen’s grave, and ate a lot of Nutella sandwiches to save up for a splurge: high tea at Kensington Palace.

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PATHways: Meet Adia Threatt

A young woman is standing by the door to the Honors College home in Ozark Hall.

Adia Threatt, a freshman accounting major and supply chain management minor born in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, graduated from Kadena High School on the Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan. Growing up in a military family has exposed her to new cultures and new experiences. Her empathetic nature inspired her to work with other young daughters of military families, addressing both the victories and hardships that they may face. Adia has a strong passion for serving others and aims to have a positive impact on their lives through mentoring and friendship. Continue reading

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Building Hope in Uganda: 5 Questions for Mary Nell Patterson


Mary Nell Patterson is a fourth-year landscape architecture student. Initially, she was a pre-nursing major, but after realizing that her fear of needles wasn’t going away anytime soon, she started to take notice of what she did love: art and the outdoors. Through her studies in the Fay Jones School of Architecture, she realized that she’s been drawing landscapes her entire life.

Last summer, in the first partnership between the Honors College and the Clinton School of Public Service, Mary Nell traveled to Uganda to work at a school called Hope North. There, she and graduate students from the Clinton School worked with the students on beautification efforts and – most importantly – a hand washing station model. Mary Nell’s experience hasn’t left her. Instead she thinks about the people of Uganda and her travel companions often as she works on her thesis, which explores what landscape architecture could bring to the infrastructure of Africa.

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Field Notes: A Fish Story


Honors student: Justin Reed, senior biochemistry and biology major
Faculty mentor: Christian Tipsmark, assistant professor of biological sciences


Schools of tiny fish originally from the coastal rice paddies of Southeast Asia may seem a little out of place in Arkansas, but in Christian Tipsmark’s lab they are prized for a rare trait. Honors College student Justin Reed has joined Dr. Tipsmark’s research on the Japanese medaka, which are classified as euryhaline because of their ability to adapt to both salt water and fresh water. In the lab, they investigate the relationship between the endocrine system and salt transport in the gill, which allows the fish to maintain water and salt balance in their bodies. Continue reading

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Seeking graduate student to write, tweet, post, photograph, doodle, etc. about the Honors College

Photograph of a photo shoot.


Interested in getting some hands-on experience in higher ed communications? If you are a graduate student (or graduate-student-to-be), a fluent writer/creative sort, and enjoy playing around with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. then this may be the part-time job for you.

Honors College Editor Job Description 

▪ Graduate student
▪ Strong communication skills, especially writing
▪ Active in social media; familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube
▪ Good eye for design/composition
▪ Microsoft Office

Also desirable, but not required:
▪ Photography and video skills
▪ Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress and web content management systems
▪ Graphic design skills

This is a graduate assistant appointment, renewable up to 3 semesters per year (including summer), with renewal dependent on satisfactory performance evaluation at the end of each semester. Average 20 hours/week; flexible schedule. Competitive salary.

For the inside scoop on this position, contact our current editor, Kristen Coppola, at kcoppola@uark.edu.  Continue reading

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Tips: The Inside Scoop on Scholarship Applications

Young man in suit in front of a "Collegiate Gothic" style building.

Noah Pittman, Honors College assistant dean of recruitment and retention, has reviewed more than 700 Honors College fellowship applications. Photo by Shelby Gill.

I’ve reviewed and ranked close to 700 Honors College fellowship applications in the past five years, and every year, I spend a lot of time debating with my colleagues whether we should favor Student X (great transcript, only extracurricular involvement is a lame Nickelback cover band) over Student Y (18-year old humanitarian who started a non-profit organization, but had the audacity to make a C+ in AP Calculus BC).

For years, I’ve had high school students ask me what will help them stand out on a scholarship application. Here’s the thing: there is no magic elixir to nailing a top-notch application. We admissions counselors like to think we have this down to a science, but in reality, there are more than a few shades of gray when it comes to determining who gets a scholarship from an institution. That said, here are some quick tips that could help you be a more successful applicant: Continue reading

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Can’t Get That Song Out of Your Head? You’re Not Alone

Artwork shows head in silhouette, with music streaming from the brain.

The Fall 2014 issue of Inquiry features Stephanie McCullough’s research on the cover.

Everybody’s experienced an earworm, and some of us are tormented by them regularly, but the topic has been under researched until recently. Guided by mentor Elizabeth Margulis, professor and director of the Music Cognition Lab, who recently published a book on the topic, honors psychology and music major Stephanie McCullough explored what actions are most likely to embed “Who Let the Dogs Out” in your brain. Read on for relief –– and check out Stephanie’s article, which was recently published and featured on the cover of Inquiry: The University of Arkansas Undergraduate  Research Journal.


The term “earworm,” also known as Involuntary Musical Imagery (INMI), refers to the phenomenon of an uncontrollably repeating melody in one’s head. Though ubiquitous, it is comparatively under-researched in music cognition. Most existing studies have identified the defining characteristics of earworms, rather than exploring their underlying mechanisms. My study investigates the hypothesis that overt motor involvement (humming, singing, tapping) and imagined motor involvement (imagining a continuation to an interrupted melody) will induce INMI more frequently than passive music listening.

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